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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  October 31, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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that wraps up this hour. i'm kristen welker at kent state university. tamron hall picks up our coverage right now from new york. hi, tamron. >> thank you very much. on msnbc, fbi agents are now searching through thousands of e-mails found on a laptop owned by disgraced congressman anthony wein weiner, the estranged husband of huma abedin igniting a fierce discussion and the man in the middle, fbi director james comey criticized by both parties and the top doj officials and criticized from eric holder calling it a serious mistake. the letter he sent on friday. now senate minority leader said comey may have broken the law. and donald trump pounces on the fbi and trying to capitalize on the news. will the bombshell make the needle move in his direction? we have new numbers in for you. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from nbc headquarters in new york. eight days until the election
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and here is the state of the presidential race this morning. the fbi now has a warrant and is beginning to sort through thousands of e-mails on that computer owned by anthony weiner. we're getting more information on where the progress is right now. the fbi will be searching for any e-mails related to the investigation of hillary clinton's private server. senate minority leader harry reid sending his own letter to fbi director comey late sunday saying comey may be in violation of the hatch act barring government officials from using their position to influence an election. writing through your partisan actions, you may have broken the law. however, there's in indication that comey violated a federal law and accused comey of a double standard claiming it is clear comey has, quote, exlo explosive information related to
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donald trump, his advisors and russia. abc news tracking poll finds little immediate impact on the race after the announcement friday. hillary clinton now though with a single point lead. 46% to 45%. statistically unchanged from clinton's margin on wednesday and thursday before the comey news. both presidential candidates on the trail today. next hour, donald trump in michigan where the latest polls show hillary clinton with a 6 point lead and held rallies in ohio. the latest polls show a virtual dead heat. the headlines from the campaign, the clinton campaign for you this morning. secretary clinton appears to be trying to pivot from the comey investigation. not talking about it on the trail at her last rally in florida yesterday. but she is calling on the fbi to say publicly what it knows before election day. her campaign is also keeping up the pressure on comey by releasing a letter signed by a nearly 100 former senior justice department official all sharply
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criticizing comey and released a new ad today, the campaign has, featuring the now grown woman who starred in one of the most famous political ads of its time, 1964 daisy ad for president lyndon johnson to question whether republican challenger barry goldwater could be trusted with nuclear arsenal. just anchored the hour before this at kent state university at ohio where secretary clinton will be holding a rally in a few hours. the first of two in ohio. let's talk about the strategy yesterday at the rally. not to talk about this issue on the campaign trail. really focusing in on though on donald trump and the "washington post" article about his claims of being charitable. they say that's not the case, the report says. >> reporter: that's right. well, ill say t would say two t. you're absolutely right. the clinton campaign trying to pivot and put it back on donald trump. yet another report from the "washington post" that indicates that donald trump has in some
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ways not been as charitable as he has said. doesn't have the exact business dealings that he has professed and that fits right into the clinton campaign's strategy of trying to paint donald trump as someone effectively a fraud. as for that daisy ad that you mentioned, that fits into their strategy of trying to paint him as someone who can't be trusted with the nuclear codes but in addition to that, also aggressively trying to ratchet up the pressure on fbi director james comey. you saw that play out on saturday and in the letter you referenced and i anticipate clinton surrogates will be toting that line today really trying to get him to release more information and arguing that this is unprecedented. they think, tamron, that's a way to energize the base to get democrats rallied behind secretary clinton and the big unknown here remains. how will independent voters respond? undecided voters respond? the clinton campaign banking on the fact if they can energize their supporters enough, the
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obama coalition. >> we're looking at at least one poll and indicates that at this point, this bombshell as it's been called has not had an impact on the early polls just out again. this happened on friday and we have these numbers out but what's interesting here is that it sounds like the clinton officials believe or the team that they believe if people were distrustful of her or had questions about the server, that's already baked into their decision. people who have this issue are photo like not likely to change and not likely to change those who plan to support her. >> reporter: right. that's the calculation and when you talk to political analysts, they echo that. that's effectively baked in the cake and when you look at the polls, it underscores that point and when you have in democratic circles is concern not so much for this presidential race but really more for those down ballot races. those tight senateraces.
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democrats really feeling good about their chances of winning back the senate prior to this revelation. now a little bit more jittery about that because if the turnout in any way. among those sharply criticizing director comey today is a "washington post" op-ed. a man of integrity and honor, believes comey made a serious error. by sending a vague letter to congress on friday, comey violated long standing justice department policies and tradition and committed a serious error with potentially severe implications and incumbent upon him to dispel the uncertainty he's created before election day and up to the director to correct his mistake. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams following the latest developments on this since the letter sent out late friday afternoon. let's talk about what eric holder is calling on comey to
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do. does that timeline seem logical? does it seem like something that will happen before election day? >> i think it all depends on how quickly they can get through these new e-mails that they found. we're in the unusual position here of basically constantly tapping the fbi on the shoulder and saying, how are you doing? what have you found now? there's a process here they're going through. they make a mirror image of the laptop computer hard drive and go through it t eliminate e-mails written before and after hillary clinton was secretary of state. that is the time frame that counts here in terms of clinton e-mail investigation and how many are duplicateduplicates. the so the supposition is that many are out and looking at strictly those in government business. how long will it take? some optimism late yesterday that the fbi might be able to
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get through this quickly. if there's not a lot of e-mails that raise the classification issue, in which case, he could say something later this week but depends on the analysis. >> iouaiowua ayman said his att over the weekend and did not know her e-mails were on that laptop. do we know from your sources if and when they plan to meet with her as it relates to huma abedin. >> no plan to do that at this point. they've got to do the e-mail analysis first. she has told her friends and associates that she has no memory of using that e-mail and the fbi frankly doesn't know how the e-mails got on there. it may be she used the laptop at some point and forgot about it and maybe in the process of her sending an e-mail to her husband that caused her e-mails to be backed up on that computer. that's one of the things they're
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going to have to figure out. although it's not the big question. the big question is, are there any classified documents in there? and the latest i've heard, there was no suggestion on anyone's part that there's any kind of withholding of evidence or obstruction of justice issues. >> quickly as i mentioned, harry reid accusing now possibly director comey of violating the hatch act. you have this letter from eric holder. you've been in dc a long time and watched this from the department of justice side. how do you describe the climate behind the scenes? the reports of infighting and down to the new york office of the fbi. incredible, pete. >> i would describe them as tense. >> that's an understatement. now to the headlines for the trump campaign. eyeing three democratic leaning states hoping to capitalize on the comey surprise. and trump holding rallies in michigan today, in wisconsin tomorrow after campaigning in
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new mexico last night and six rallies, trump told voters justice would be served against clinton but on "morning joe" kellyann conway said the strategy has not changed because of the comey news. >> we have a couple of different paths to 270 and just continue pursuing them this week and also talking about obamacare. people are opening up their mailboxes, clicking on computers and seeing their premiums rising out of control. isis, job creation, and certainly ethics but we don't plan on making the comey investigation, you know, the main centerpiece of our messaging. >> nbc's jacob rascon live from grand rapids, michigan. it appears what donald trump is saying at these rallies different from what his campaign is saying. nevertheless, you have donald trump now comparing this to
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watergate. people obviously disputing that. but talk to me a little bit about e reaction from some of the people behind the scenes. do they want to hear donald trump talk about obamacare, affordable health care or hillary clinton and their wish for her to go to jail? >> reporter: they want to hear about all of it and we were actually surprised when right after the announcement came out last friday that donald trump didn't spend more time talking about it. in fact, it was in line with what kellyann conway was saying, spent only a few minutes and moved on to obamacare and joked the rest of the speech boring and then we've seen him hype it up more than that over the weekend, spent more time but he has gone back and spent almost as much time talking about obamacare or the affordable care act. the campaign has since last friday been framing this as a great week that got better. i'm not surprised they're talking about hitting the affordable care about and having that be much of a focus for them. it's interesting as you
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mentioned at the top this new strategy of expanding the map or spending time in must-win states like florida, north carolina, they're coming to michigan, new mexico, wisconsin, all of states where they're well behind and they say, trump aide told me this was the plan before the comey news. they believe it's the best strategy to mix up the map but again, they're behind. sometimes as much as 6 or 7 points in all of these states. >> two things here donald trump and his campaign have to defend. you've got "the washington post" report out that hillary clinton referenced yesterday on the campaign trail. indicating and in firsthand accounts of people who believe trump has taken credit for giving money he did not donate, even showing up at charity events unannounced and uninvited looking to according to the report take praise for money that he did not donate. so they're on their heels about yet another report when it comes to these kind of charitable
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donations. >> reporter: this was spurred by trump himself because he repeatedly talks on the trail about how much he loved to give to charity. that's part of his books. so he talked about it. "the washington post" has been following this for months trying to look at exactly how much he's given and of course, we can't know exactly how much he's given because he hasn't released his tax returns, a point made in the article but in response to this specific article, donald trump says simply he's given tens of millions of dollars to charity. there's no record of that, tamron? >> no record. all right, jacob, thank you very much. let me bring in democratic congressman adam shiff and a member of the benghazi committee. thank you so much for joining me. >> good to be with you. >> we know the discovery of the e-mail server was a result of the investigation into benghazi. we're here with a major revelation from director comey. do you believe he acted
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inappropriately or may have been a violation of the law? >> i agree with eric holder. i think this was a very serious error in judgment by the director. you don't talk about an investigation this close to an election. that's a very sound policy that the department of justice, don't want to appear to put your hand on the scale and he opens the fbi to the accusation of trying to have an impact on the outcome. that's not good for the bureau. it's not good for the public. and what's more, this letter he sent was so deliberately ambiguous and we now know it was ambiguous because he hadn't seen the e-mails. that's the last kind of thing you want to send and publish, in effect, before an election. because it doesn't serve the public in any way. there's nothing they can conclude from this letter. it just raises a whole host of uncertainty. and i think it amplifies the mistake the director made when he started sending components of the investigative files to congress and a sound reason for
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the department policy. it's out of fairness, anyone subject to investigation but also designed to keep the department out of it close to an election. >> what about the point of harry reid, potentially explosive information related to ties between donald trump and his advisors and russia may be privy to and calling on them to release this information or say more about it. do you know of any bombshell related to this that harry reid alluded to? >> i can't comment on what the intelligence community may or may not be looking at but this is precisely the kind of problem you get when you talk about an investigation this close to an election. it does open you up to criticism that you're being unfair to one side. that you're tipping the scales in favor of one side. you're talking about one investigation but potentially not talking about another. this is exactly the kind of problem you want to avoid and this is only underscoring what a
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serious lapse in judgment to weigh in as he did on friday. >> i know many noted it was just a few weeks ago that democratic leaders were praising director comey, donald trump was slamming the fbi and director comey on the campaign trail. now appears to be reversed but what has been striking, congressman, former representative joe walsh who has dabbled in the fringe, certainly, i think people agreeing he thinks comey should have said basically he's criticizing director comey's decision here and you have fox news anchor judge jeanine pirro saying she supports donald trump but questions the actions of comey as well. so you have republicans who are also wondering aloud. here we are on monday. where do you believe we'll be friday on this? will we have more information from comey? >> it's hard to say what the director can do to clean up the mess that's been made. it's possible that if they can get through the e-mails, we can learn something of public value
8:17 am
that he can declare either relevant or not relevant. either, actually, i don't know he can make a classification decision if that was an issue but at least may be able to tell us the providence of the e-mails. that they don't involve the clinton server or do but it's hard to see what he'll be able to say that will answer more questions than it raises it knew which underscores the magnitude of the problem it created. so i think he has to try to do his best to shed some light but i'm skeptical about his ability to do so in the winning days of the campaign. >> steve, your colleague democrat from tennessee is now saying he believes comey should resign. where do you stand on this? >> look, i tnk this was a very serious error of judgment. that's, i think, all i'm prepared to say. again, you know, this close to the election, this is not the kind of issue you want to introduce when you really want inform the public of anything
8:18 am
and i think it's caused a lot of problems we're seeing. and it just shows why this department policy is so wise and why the departure from it is so frougt wi fraught with peril. >> thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. coming up, how are voters reacting to the announcement made by director comey? we'll talk to people already voting in key states. did this change their mind? we have some new poll numbers on that very question. plus, more than 21 million americans have voted early this election with this new revelation from the fbi. did the clinton campaign build a firewall with early voters? i'll talk live with clinton supporter democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee of texas coming up. you work at ge? yeah, i do. you guys are working on some pretty big stuff over there, right? like a new language for crazy-big, world-changing machines. well, not me specifically. i work on the industrial side. so i build the world-changing machines. i get it. you can't talk because it's super high-level.
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you're actually getting a live picture of where donald trump is set to campaign in the next hour in grand rapids. potentially trying to capitalize more on this comey revelation but according to a new abc news "washington post" poll, 63% of voters say this letter will not affect how they're going to vote in just over a week. joining me to talk more about it, "washington post" national political reporter and dana. let's start with you, ann. 63% of voters polled say this letter will not affect. why do you believe that to be the case with them? >> reporter: the polling suggests that people don't believe they have a full enough picture for it to change their mind one way or another. we do have 8 days left. it's possible that we will get more information from the fbi from the justice department and from congress in that time that could potentially move the
8:23 am
needle more, but just the, you know, gut reaction right off the bat in the two days following comey's announcement on friday, people didn't feel they had enough information on which to base a change. >> do you get the impression that's the case with a lot of these issues? you have harry reid now saying, what about the russians and possible ties to donald trump? you have "the washington post" reporting this charitable contribution missing, i gss the missing data from donald trump as far as his charitable contribution from his tax returns which we've clearly never going to release 8 days out but so many things out there that some of the voters feel like they don't have enough information period which is striking. >> either that or have too much information. >> that's a good point. >> they've been bombarded with so many things at this point. what seems to be the case is a lot of this is baked in how
8:24 am
people feel, how they vote. a lot of people have voted so it's hard to tease out what any one particular thing has done. yes, the polls have definitely tightened. that's to be expected as a lot of the partisans come home to their candidate. in this case, republicans coming to trump in the end. very hard to tease that whether it's part of a specific reaction but clearly what james comey has done is hurt in terms of his reputation but can't help her in the polls but not clear. >> why does the process hurt her reputation and don't know anything about it? i know it's hillary clinton e-mails but this is either huma abedin or anthony weiner at this point. why does it pivot back to hurting her? >> well, because it invokes really for anyone whether her supporters or her opponents, a chapter that really had been
8:25 am
closed which is, did she misuse classified information when she was secretary of state, allow it to be misused in a way that was severe enough to invoke criminal charges? that issue had been decided in july with an answer of no. that although comey said she had been reckless within the treatment of classified information that no reasonable prosecutor would bring that case. whatever is contained in this new batch of e-mails is still very much an open question. but simply the fact that they exist and they were not part of the original inquiry drags the entire thing back up again which in turn reminds people of why they think she may not have been telling the truth from the beginning or don't trust her which people have been telling pollsters from the beginning. so it's just hard for her to get past it. >> it would be incredible to see
8:26 am
the polling, dana, whether or not comey is trusted and what people feel about the fbi. you point out in your op-ed by falling short of his own standards of transparency, comey is harming both election integrity and his well deserved personal integrity. he needs to explain himself the if he hopes to salvage either. the clock has been ticking. we hear leaks of conversations and also the letter he sent out to employees there. friday, if comey has not cleared this up. where do we stand? >> look, i've been a fan of comey for a long time long before this campaign. he is a man of integrity and it appears that it's not that he's tried to distort the election here but this has been done inadvertently. the inexplicable thing is why he won't try to clear this up but more importantly, what he does know. >> the last time he stepped out and said what he knew and his evaluation and the conclusion of the investigation, we saw how that went down. i mean, just like darn if you
8:27 am
do, darn if you don't. >> maybe, but he spent a long time, hours testifying before the house. spent a time in front of the cameras talking to the public. at least explaining his rationa rationale. people could agree or disagree but in this case, they can't because they have no idea what he's talking about. >> quickly, ann, 23 million early votes cast. we did the story last week how the clinton campaign really focused heavily on early voter turnout. this was a tale of two campaigns. the trump campaign had done nothing and might this be the firewall for her. >> yeah. the goal there was to bank as many democratic votes as they could as early as possible. partly in expectation that the polls would close toward the end. partly, certainly, couldn't have foreseen this exact development as a firewall against some late breaking development. democrats typically have an advantage in early voting. we are seeing that play out in several sattates. it's not clear it would be in
8:28 am
florida. up next, we go live to texas where early voter turnout is at an all-time high and could exceed totals from 2012 before election day even arrives. coming up, we'll take you to san antonio. home to majority of latino voters. what are they saying? for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle.
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now to the fight for texas. donald trump holds a 5 point lead in the real clear politics average in the state's polls at this point and those were taken before the news of the fbi investigation. nbc's chris jansing joins me now from san antonio. one of the prettiest cities around. what are you hearing on the ground there? i can see the beautiful river walk behind you. >> reporter: yeah, it is beautiful. you know this place well. so you know that hs not a place where people come to talk politics a week before a presidential election but look, a couple of recent polls were so
8:32 am
close. one of them within three points. that real clear politics moved this state into the battleground category. i spent a lot of time talking to both campaigns. the clinton folks have been winning here but looking at the numbers. let's start with the registration. we can show you some astonishing numbers. there are places where registration has gone up more than 100%. let's start with that. and then, now, they don't register here by democrat and republican. they register just simply register but look at hispanics and where they're registering the democrats felt good about it so the question becomes new revelations, could they move the needle? i talked to somebody who knows this area well. congressman joaquin castro and he brought up the news week revelation that just came out hours ago about donald trump and their investigation showing that he destroyed a lot of evidence that was wanted in lawsuits he was involved in.
8:33 am
here's the reaction from the local congressman. take a listen. >> it reeks of incredible hypocrisy. the fact he destroyed, it looks like he destroyed e-mails that a court was asking for that attorneys were asking for just reeks of hypocrisy. >> reporter: does that make a difference now? does that turn the tables? >> i think at this point, both sides, i think, have their supporters and it's a matter of getting people out to vote. that's why you see a strong field operation not only in the battleground states but also in states like texas and arizona which could go blue this time. >> reporter: congressman castro acknowledged to me he's going to be watching over the next week, so strong the voting in the last week, will it start to be depressed and if so, where? that will tell him where the revelations are having the most impact, texas, arizona, and elsewhere the newly minted battleground states. tamron? >> thank you. sheila jackson lee of texas,
8:34 am
congresswoman, thank you for your time. these numbers coming out. the record number of people participating in the vote november 8th. how do you feel texas is shaping up at this point? >> you have to know that there is such great excitement. you're a texas girl and you know what texas has done over the last decade. it's been a republican red state. hillary clinton has actually given an opportunity for texas to not only turn blue but to be a battleground state and the excitement around her candidacy is unbelievable and that impacts the local down the ballot candidacies as well. we see a great future for texas. i was participating yesterday in the soul to the polls. the big old motor coach with 40 people on it. everywhere we went, standing ovations in the houses of worship. people were excited to choose their destiny in texas and you know we've become increasingly
8:35 am
diverse and all the new voters are so excited about going to the polls. >> according to our local affiliate there, a local affilithere, i should say, abc. you should the e-mails were not clinton e-mails but involved other people and questioned the timing of the investigation. do you feel certain these are not hillary clinton's e-mails and that they do involve other people? >> what i said was there is no evidence right now that they were e-mails that hillary sent or that were necessarily sent to her. ha that's the big challenge we have with the way that the director performed. there's been a lot of chatter about whether he was right or wrong but there's no doubt the protocols of the department of justice for the last decade established between democrats and republicans who were attorney generals that you do not impact an election as sacred as this, presidential election, the free world's first and most important democratically
8:36 am
peaceful transfer of power that you interfere with it 60 days from the election and particularly when you do not have any information as evidenced by the fact that a warrant was first provided in the last 24 hours and what information the director had was that his investigators rightly so came to him and said, we want to go forward. that's perfectly okay. i hope they go forward on the russian leaks and the other investigations regarding the connections to russia of the very campaign people that are working for the gop nominee. we understand what the fbi does. but the fbi is not the prosecutor. the prosecutor, the chief prosecutor of the united states is the attorney general and her designees. ie, the deputy attorney general and we know as evidenced by two deputy attorney generals,
8:37 am
republican and democratic, that it was a completely, not unprecedented but unheard of action to do this. that's the only point that we're making but we are going to emphasize who is the best equipped, qualified, prepared candidate that is hillary clinton and the other candidate remains a person who has intimidated women and had 11 women, 13 women come out. he's the same as last monday and the same today. >> thank you so much for your time, sheila jackson from texas. i'll talk live to south carolina councilwoman who then senator barack obama said stole his thunder after she came up with the slogan fired up ready to go at a 2008 campaign rally. why do polls show that democrats are less fired up this election cycle and has that changed after the comey revelation? that's next. [ keyboard typing ]
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fired up! ready to go! >> south carolina councilwoman edith childs one of president obama's most vocal supporters. she created the fired up ready to go slogan and just this year invited to join the first lady at the final state of the union address and though childs with 200 others formally endorsed hillary clinton during the south carolina primary looks like it will still go red. joining me to talk about the get out the vote is edith childs. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you so much for having me. >> looking lovely as ever of, as vocal as ever. but it appears right now, the polls not indicating that
8:42 am
hillary clinton will be able to overcome donald trump. talk to me about what's happening on the ground there? >> well, she's going to be okay. sometimes it takes a wake-up call to do what we need to do. i feel confident she's going to be okay. >> how would you describe the reaction from the people you've spoken to regarding what happened friday with the fbi director releasing that letter? >> well, both knew in advance there were some issues with the e-mails, but we also knew back in july that it was okay. so we just said, this is one of the tactics that politicians use to intimidate people and those kind of thing but she's going to be okay. i just believe it without a doubt. >> when you hear people who point to the numbers and some of the polling that the enthusiasm for hillary clinton is not there in the african-american
8:43 am
community as it was with barack obama, that there's not a transference of this, what is your reply to what some of the polling, all over the place, what some of it shows? >> well, even though you may not see it and some people may not even talk about it, but people already know what they're going to do. they know they're going to support hillary clinton because she is the best candidate. >> just moving forward though, there is an article about south carolina lawmakers and filing a bill next year to create early voting in this state. you have to meet one of the requirements for not being able to vote. the rupush to change the law there, how do you feel it could change the dynamic in the future for a general election? >> well, it will make a difference if people can vote early but those people who could not vote early that are 65 and
8:44 am
older, working 12 hour shifts, those people don't really vote anyway and knew thefrp goiy wer to vote from the outset. she's going to be okay. >> councilwoman. >> that's my personal opinion now. >> everybody has a personal opinion. just check social media. thank you so much. >> exactly. exactly. coming up with one percentage point separating hillary clinton and donald trump in florida, can african-americans make the difference? up next, a live report from south florida.
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1.7 million african-american voters, black voters in florida could tip the scales when it comes to winning the state and riding high with support from 82%, that's far less than 95% obama got in 2008 and 2012. mariana atencio is live in one
8:48 am
of florida's largest black communities. mariana, what do you hear from voters? they seem to be more enthusiastic than the polls show. >> reporter: it's very busy tamron, at this polling location in lauder hill. these folks behind me have been out rain or shine and there's already talk of record turnout in the sunshine state. almost 4 million preelection day ballots. that's almost double the 2012 numbers. actually, more than doubled the 2012 numbers. now, this community where i am now is predominantly black community and a lot of haitian americans as well as jamaican americans and the concern as they head to the polls today is the latest e-mail controversy causing any of these voters to hesitate. i have here representative bobby dubose. are any of your constituents concerned? >> no. in fact, my constituents are
8:49 am
sick of these e-mails and the more information coming out, it's having the reverse effect. it's motivating individuals to come out more. what this community wants to talk about is comp hrehensive immigration reform and candidates to speak to the issues and talk about things that resonate here like black lives matter and having a plan to really create jobs. >> reporter: representative, one thing is white retirees or latino voters, how important is the black vote in the state? >> it's ground zero. we're the game changers here. if you look at it historically when races are really tight, it comes in to put whatever candidate we support over the line. >> reporter: thank you so much, representative. good luck to you. now, tamron, hillary clinton campaigned here yesterday and comes back to this neighborhood tomorrow and eight days out, that stresses just how important the vote here is for a national path to victory.
8:50 am
>> thank you so much. coming up, we'll break down new early voting numbers out this hour. a new poll number as well and nbc's mark murray is next with daily into efg in politics. ss by when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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we are back with our daily briefing on politics. where the revelations of the weekend may not have had an impact on the race for the white house. more than 23 million people already voted so far, and in eight of those states, 12 states with early voting, democratic affiliated voters have been outpacing republicans. let me bring in mark murray to chew on some of this that we have into this. let's talk about the early voting firewall. >> yes. you have people who are already voting, but let me actually first tamron go into whether this whole james comey story
8:54 am
has -- and no, when you actually end up looking into some of the early tracking polls that have come out after friday's bombshell news, so you end up a reply coal morning consult poll has hillary clinton with a three-point lead over donald trump. that three-point lead was exactly the same before friday's news, so it hasn't changed much in that poll. the absence/"the washington post" tracking poll has a one-point lead for hillary clinton, but do note all the tightening came really before this comey announcement on friday, so at least according to these two polls, the comey news hasn't changed all that much. as you know tomorrow morning we have our nbc/survey monkey online tracking poll, and we'll have more. >> we've seen these huge swings, 11-point swings in some cases over a matter of days. that creates some skepticism in
8:55 am
a lot of these polls. how do you explain the 11-point swings it seems. >> not every poll is created equally. i'm one, i obvious find or nbc/"wall street journal" poll, our nbc/survey monkey poll are very stable, when also some happening maybe changes one or two points, but never in double digits. do always have a bit of skepticism, but the trends are always so important. >> the major trend here is what? >> the major trend is that hillary clinton still has a very table lead. some polls might have one or two points, other polls have a bigger one, but when you look from poll to poll on whether there was movement or not, to me that's the biggest indication. we'll get that once against with our nbc/survey monkey poll tomorrow. can't wait to see it. thank you, mark, we'll be right back. >> thank you.
8:56 am
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another great halloween celebration. we went back to the '90s, yes that's the great willie geist and myself re-creating the iconic it dance scene from "pulp fiction." matt wore the puppy shirt from "seinfeld." so there's regis fill pin. latest i changed to julia roberts' character from "pretty woman." and dylan dreyer is baby spice. . thank you so much for watching this hour, happy halloween. right now andrea mitchell reports live from kent state university. andrea? >> thank you, tamron. right now on a special edition,
9:00 am
live from kent state, the comey surprise, the fbi director's halloween bombshell. from the moment it broke, donald trump has been trying to capitalize. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. i bet you, without any knowledge, there was a veal volt within t fbi. >> i respect the fact that director comey was able to come back after what he did. when the other side is complaining and complaining and complaining -- >> we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony weiner. >> another


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